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Moving With Portable Storage Containers

Portable Storage Containers are often compared to being a combination of a storage unit and a moving truck. Containers are durable in that they are weather resistant and they stand 4 inches above ground level. The height of the unit makes it quite easy to load items on and off.

In addition, there is a roll-up door that would make it easy for you to get in it and out on a regular basis. More and more people are utilizing the portable storage units for their long distance move and storage. For those who are moving cross-country or across the street, storage containers are the preferred choice because most simply cannot risk having their belongings damaged or get lost. With those units you get to not only load and unload on your belongings at your own pace but you are also able to place your own padlock on it to further secure your items.

Once you are all packed and ready, your next step would be to contact the local office where a representative will arrange your containers to be loaded onto their trucks and delivered to your home. Because a hydraulic lift is used to get containers into the truck, this eliminates your containers from getting damaged due to falling or tilting accidents. Usually the total charge is based on the storage container size and the distance transported.

You can leave your container stored at your current residence, the rental company warehouse or your new address. Find a list of local moving container companies here.