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Green Moving Tips

Green moving means being conscientious of our environment and employing methods that are not harmful to the earth. Green moving is a growing trend in the moving industry. It involves tweaking practices that have historically been big on waste such as throwing away cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Earth-friendly moving means scaling back a bit.

Granted, the green theme has permeated many industries. Traditionally non-green industries such as automotive, energy and housing are now embracing new business practices that take into account short- and long-term effects on the environment.

Green Moving Tips
This seems obvious, but don’t accumulate as much stuff in the first place. Less is generally better for the planet anyway, and the less stuff you move, the less gas your moving truck will burn. Green moving can also translate into more "green" for you because you’ll likely spend less to move your household.

Get rid of stuff before you move it. Consider holding a garage sale, or selling your unnecessary items online at eBay or through Craigslist.

Buy used cardboard boxes. Moving companies generally prefer that customers use new cardboard boxes to ensure stability, which means a lot of cardboard boxes get tossed after only one use. If using cardboard boxes, look for boxes made of recycled material.

Rent moving boxes. When packing, take advantage of companies that offer reusable packing crates, which can eliminate that waste.

Cut back on the bubble wrap. You can use old newspapers for non-fragile items, or even old sheets or towels as packing material. These weigh more and don’t offer as much benefit as the lighter bubble wrap, but anything you can do to cut back helps.