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How To Pack A Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most time-consuming room to get organized and packed when you are moving house. Because there are so many breakables in the kitchen, one has to ensure that they pack with great precision in order to ensure that the dishes remain in one piece. Since no one is ever eager to start moving items out of the kitchen because of lack of skills to expedite the task before the movers get to their home, there are a few suggestions to make your kitchen moving process quick and easy.

The first rule when moving kitchen is to first clear out the items that you want to keep and those you don't. This will save you a lot of time having to sort things out when you get to your new home. If you have no need for those extra plastic storage containers or other items in your cupboard or drawers, you should either throw them away or give them to someone who may need them. You can them on to a friend in need or perhaps you can take it down to one of your local Salvation Army or shelters.

Your next step would be to pack your kitchen items in boxes. Gather all your dishes, dish trays, small appliances, cutlery even your dishwashing liquid and cloth etc and begin to pack them in boxes. For your plates, glasses and other fragile items, make sure to pack them in heavy-duty boxes, those which have double walls on the inside. You can wrap your dishes and cutlery in end rolls which are sold at most newspaper publishing firms. The end rolls are also great for packaging food items as well. In addition, you can also find several uses for bubble wrap when you are moving your kitchen so ensure that you have a lot of it.

Next, professional movers would insist that when it comes to moving your kitchen you should first move your food or drinks that are in glass bottles and sealed. Items such alcoholic beverages, oils and even vinegars should be bubble wrapped or placed in boxes before moving. You should have a box labeled "essentials".

These would contain the products that you would be using frequently in the few days that you are in your new house. Items such as foodstuff, a few knives, forks and spoons, glasses and tea cups that are used every day or regularly, even your favorite pot should all be placed in this essentials box for quick access.

Cookbooks should be packed into a box with the regularly used cookbook sitting at the top of the heap or placed in your essentials box. The aim when moving kitchen, especially if your new home is far away from your present is to try to eliminate as much weight as possible when moving. Get rid of canned goods, especially those that are expired as well as clear out items that you don't need in your refrigerator.

Remember as you pack, don't forget to tape the box but also label the boxes with a marker so that it would be easy to know where everything is.