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Moving & Packing Supplies Directory

Having the right packing supplies will protect your items from dirt and damage and make it easier to hold your positions in place during transit. Moving straps, plastic wrap, and furniture pads are worth their expense if you value what you’re moving.  A moving dolly can be very helpful in moving appliances and heavy boxes.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap is ideal for protecting fragile items while moving like framed paintings, TV sets, vases and more.

Box Tape
Box tape is commercial grade packing tape ideal for sealing your packed boxes. Typical rolls are 330 feet in length and 2 inches wide.

Tape Dispenser
A refillable tape dispenser makes sealing boxes fast and easy. If you’re using moving tape getting the dispenser is a no-brainer.

Furniture Pads
Furniture Pads are great at protecting large items like wood furniture and appliances during transit for storage. Moving pads don’t tear, protect from scratches and scuffs and are can be reused.  

Packing Tarp
Polyethylene tarp is ideal for protecting your household items while moving or in storage. Tarps usually feature grommets to help secure the tarp tightly around items.

Utility Rope
All-purpose polypropylene utility rope is strong and light weight. It holds knots well and is excellent for tying, wrapping and shipping.

Mattress Bag
These plastic bags keep your mattresses fresh and clean. They feature special vents for air circulation and protect against dust and stains.

Utility Dolly
Utility dollies are lightweight, easy to use on ramps and climbs up and down stairs. Can be used on appliances and furniture but ideal use is
moving boxes. 

Appliance Dolly
Appliance dollies are perfect when moving washers, stoves, refrigerators and other heavy appliances. Easily rolls up and down stairs, nylon strap to secure load, heavy duty capacity and two large handles.

Dish Protector
Dish protector’s offers a cushion foam sleeves perfect for packing china and other dishware.