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Optional Coverage Policies

The following optional coverages or endorsements - is a written form attached to your insurance policy that alters your policy’s coverage, terms, or conditions - will apply to your policy only if they are listed separately on the declarations page. Generally, they require an additional premium.

Credit Card Forgery & Depositor’s Forgery Coverage Endorsement
This coverage provides protection against loss, theft, or unauthorized use of credit cards. It also covers the forgery of any check, draft, or promissory note. No deductible applies to this endorsement. However, check with your agent to see if this coverage has any exceptions.

This coverage provides for repair or replacement of your home following an earthquake. Not all companies offer this coverage. For those that do, you may have to meet specific requirements to qualify. For example, the insurance company may require you to retrofit your home for earthquakes, or require you to strap your hot water tank to a wall. The amount of this coverage will match your dwelling coverage, but you will have a separate deductible, usually 10 to 20 percent of the coverage amount. Your insurance company may offer higher deductibles. Your policy will define what constitutes an earthquake, and list any limitations that may apply.

Your homeowner policy will not cover flooding. You must buy flood insurance separately. It provides coverage due to physical losses caused by flood, flood-related erosion, and abnormal tidal surges and mudslides. If your property is located in an area with a high chance of flooding, your lender may require you to obtain this coverage.

Home Daycare
Home daycare insurance provides liability coverage for daycare operations you conduct in your home when you care for a limited number of children.

Home Business
Your insurance company may offer home business coverage. Each insurance company defines the type of home business it is willing to cover on a homeowner policy.

Sewer Backup Endorsement
This coverage protects against losses from sewer or sump pump backup. Your homeowner policy generally does not cover these losses. This endorsement is available through most insurance companies, but you may have to ask for it.

Secondary Residence Premises Endorsement
This coverage provides protection for a secondary residence, such as a summer home.

Theft Coverage Endorsement
This protection broadens theft coverage to include the contents of your auto, trailer, or watercraft without proof someone forced entry.

Umbrella Liability Policies
These policies extend your coverage above the limits of the liability coverage you already have through your homeowner and auto policies. They provide you with an extra layer of protection. Normally, these policies pay after you exhaust the liability limit of your homeowner and auto policies.

Watercraft Endorsement
This endorsement provides coverage for small sailboats and outboard motor boats. It broadens personal liability and medical payments coverage. There are size limitations to watercraft and engine horsepower, so discuss this with your agent before a loss occurs.